Pindul Cave, Yogyakarta

Pindul cave is a natural tourist destinations which are popular in  city, solution specifically conceived in Gunung Kidul Regency, with the beauty of the caves such as stalactite and stalagmite caves that were formed hundreds of years in the past became a strong attraction for the tourists who come to the cave of Pindul.

The cave of pindul which is an underground river, therefore for caving Pindul in need of a small rubber boat to down the underground Cave Pindul.

Inside the pindul cave there are  3-point appeal of the current will in encounter that is bright spot, the point of the Dim, and dark point, which will be a memorable tour can down the underground Cave Pindul.

Malioboro Street.

Yogyakarta became a city able to make tourists Miss and always like to linger to enjoy the atmosphere of this city. The town still offers the wisdom of local culture in the middle ages that modern all-round. In Yogyakarta, you will get an interesting experience of exploring Java culture which is still maintained until now.

the most popular street in Yogyakarta has always managed to attract the attention of tourists coming to the city. Malioboro Street became a sort of a typical gift centers. Along the way, you can find a range of typical souvenirs ranging from t-shirts, batik, blangkon, slippers, hand crafted to our pin and put hawker is typical of Yogyakarta.

Along the way there are rows of pedicabs and a faithful horse waited for customers. This is the time You traveled around Malioboro street  with the typical mode of transportation. Pedicabs offer package roving sights around with affordability. A horse can also make the choice if You want to feel the unique experience of driving around city of Yogyakarta.

Harau Valley Sumatera.


Harau Valley, also called the Ngarai. Is a Valley located in the middle between two steep cliffs. Tourist attractions of West Sumatra is preferred by almost all tourists who come to West Sumatra. If viewed from the bottom of the Valley, it would seem as if the tapered cliffs that break through the clouds. Because these cliffs has a height of up to 200 meters, with an area of about 270 hectares.

since 1993 Harau Valley has been designated by the Government as a nature reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. One of the typical animals living in them is Macaca fascirulatis or long-tailed Monkeys. These animals including rare species of animals endemic to Sumatra. This hanging monkeys and relocated so that it will provide its own entertainment in your tour.

Harau Valley nature reserve also has a variety of plant species of tropical rainforest plateau. Therefore, one of the Valley’s location within the Harau planned to become a Safari Park. Namely Resort Rimbo Piobang. Plus more, you can also visit a Zoo and the butterfly breeding places in the area of Aka Swinging.